Clay Magic


This is a PROFESSIONAL DETAILING PRODUCT which deep cleans and removes surface contaminants such as tree sap mist, bug reside, paint overspray, road tar and other stubborn dirt. Can be used on Paint, Chrome, Glass and Fibreglass surfaces.

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Your RV experiences different natural impurities influencing its paint finish. Enters Clay Magic – a genuine significant advantage. This product securely eliminates obstinate pollutants, reestablishing your RV’s paintwork to immaculate. The outcome? A revived and upgraded appearance that stands apart on any camping area or roadway. 

Unveil the magic of a smooth, pollutant-free surface with the Clay Magic. Securely eliminating complex pollutants, this product guarantees that your RV’s paintwork keeps awake and up to date, displaying a perfect finish lined up with auto-cleaning supplies for surface appearance. 

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